Coaching, Counselling & Psychotherapy in Munich

can help you find new ways to enhance your potential!


Having trouble to adjusting to a new life in Munich? Does your relationship present unexpected challenges? Have you been single for far too long? Has your heart recently been broken? Are you unhappy with your job-situation? Or does everything just get you at once?

There are moments in life where we seem to hit our limits. We do not see clearly anymore. We doubt the choices we have made or are about to make.  We just feel stuck, lost and overwhelmed. This is where an outside perspective can help.

Get Clarity! Take Action! Find What You Desire!

I support my clients in achieving their goals. Whether it be finding new career paths, being in love and a healthy relationship, improving your self-confidence, reaching your full potential or simply feeling more balanced and fulfilled in your daily life in Munich!
Let’s find out what’s really important for you, plunge into change, move with it and join the dance!


Areas of Impact:

Munich life coaching:

  • when changes in your life seem so overwhelming that you crave clarity.
  • when you moved to Munich from a foreign country and cultural differences prevent a smooth adjustment.
  • when you have game-changing decisions ahead of you and are unsure.
  • when you seek an inner balance.
  • when you wish to detect which personal strengths bring the most out of your personality and best highlight your charisma.

Couples counselling, marriage therapy or relationship coaching (as a couple) in Munchen

  • when recent environmental changes challenge your couple.
  • when you feel there are problems that you can no longer resolve by yourselves.
  • when you feel that your communication is difficult and fights do not get you anywhere.
  • when you feel that your own needs and desires have no more place within your relationship, you feel misunderstood and barely „function“ in your daily routine.
  • when your bi-national relationship or marriage is challenging you.
  • when you feel the spark is missing.

Munich’s love and relationship coaching (individually)

  • when you just feel empty after a break-up and lose interest in your social life.
  • when you seek changes that are difficult for your partner to bear.
  • when you feel you are living next to your best friend, not your partner anymore.
  • when you have doubts on whether you want to stay in your relationship.
  • when your in-laws or everyday routine in your family swamp you.

Singles coaching for Munich’s eligible bachelors and bachelorettes

  • when you have been on your own for a while and seek a steady relationship.
  • when your relationships never seem to endure and you never seem to surpass the dating stadium.
  • when you wish to acquire more serenity and ease when meeting the opposite sex.
  • when your fear of rejection is so overwhelming, that you prefer inaction.

Career coaching for Munich professionals

  • when you recently changed your job and have trouble fitting into your new role.
  • when you seek to develop your management skills.
  • when you seek re-orientation in the work area.
  • when you look for ways to reduce work-related stress and strike the right work/life balance.
  • when you feel close to a „burn out“.
  • when you are unhappy ( mobbed) about your current job situation.


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